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The Secret Life of Your Cells

Dr. Jeffrey D. Thompson, D.C., B.F.A.


There are over three hundred trillion cells in your body. Each cell is basically a little bag of water with a thin membrane containing the water. These cells are the basic structural units of the body. Atoms form molecules which in turn form cells. Bones, muscles, nerves, skin, blood, and all other body tissues are formed from different types of cells. Each cell type carries out specific functions but works with other types of cells to perform the enormous number of tasks needed to sustain life. Most body cells have a basic structure. Each cell has a membrane to contain the fluid element of the cell, the cytoplasm. Within this cytoplasm are the many inner structures of the cell – the organelles: the endoplasmic reticulum, the Golgi apparatus, the mitochondria, the nucleus and many others. The nucleus is one of the most important organelles in the cell. This structure contains the DNA, the basic blueprint of the design of the entire body stored holographically in two intertwined spiral structures – whose spiral mathematics are based on the Golden Section Ratio which is seen in the design of all universal proportions and relationships in nature. It is possible to re-grow an entire new human being – an exact replica of yourself physically- from the DNA contained in just one of these three hundred trillion cells.

The mitochondria of each cell has special significance – this organelle is the powerhouse manufacturing plant of the cell. It is the place where the final products of digestion are converted into the basic energy which runs the cell and makes it possible for the cell to be alive. This basic energy is called ATP -Adenine Tri-Phosphate – one adenine molecule with three phosphate molecules attached to form a primordial triangle of essential energy of the cell. It was discovered in cellular biology at a certain point that the mitochondria was the only structure in the body which contained its own DNA and that this DNA was different from the DNA which forms our bodies. The Mitochondria are separate beings living a perfect symbiotic relationship with each cell of our body. Our cells provide the perfect living environment for the Mitochondria “Friend” and the mitochondria provide the raw power to the cell to maintain its existence. This living relationship has been going on for many millions of years, far back into our genetic past as a species.

The cell is basically a chemical/electrical laboratory for maintaining the discrete life of the cell. The cell membrane has exotic positively and negatively charged Ions which coat the inner and outer surfaces of the cell. By intentionally altering these Ion charges from positive to negative or visa-versa, the cell can attract positively charged or negatively charged ion chemicals as food or expel or repulse magnetically chemicals which have become waste to the cell.

Cells work together in large groups to function as organs, glands, skin, nerves, etc. The cells get their orders from nerve cells which control large groups of cells. There is no individual nerve for each cell to tell it what to do. In modern physiology there is no answer to the question “How does each cell know what to do to maintain its individual life?” Each cell has its own individual consciousness and conducts its daily business to maintain its own survival, while carrying out its duties for the sake of the larger whole of which it is a part.

Experiments by my friend and colleague, Cleve Backster, the researcher who perfected the Polygraph – Lie Detector – Testing procedures, has shown that a strong emotion will cause a skin cell from the inside of a subject’s cheek (a leukocyte) to register a powerful electrical response in the cell, as seen under a microscope connected to a Polygraph Test Device, even though the subject’s body is in another part of the building. From a quantum standpoint this is a standard point:

There is no place where one’s body actually ends and no place where it begins…….

Cleve tried this same experiment with the person and their cell separated by 350 miles, timed with the atomic clock in Colorado, to determine the amount of time it took for the body to respond when the cell was stressed. The amount of time measured was ZERO TIME. This also conforms to quantum physics:

Time is an illusion and there no such thing as separating a cell from someone’s body who, first of, all has no body and second of all has a body which does not begin nor end anywhere…..

The intercellular fluid (inside the cell) and the extra cellular fluid (outside the cell) are both saline solutions – this means they have a certain salty content very much like ocean water, but not as strong. It is as if each of us have replayed our own personal creation of the universe and evolution from the sea to dry land as we all began our existence as one celled beings, then left the sea (womb) and were born into an air breathing environment. It’s almost as if we brought the ocean with us on the inside of our bodies with the outer covering of our skin as a sort of dry “wet-suit” to carry the ocean environment for our cells within us. We are basically water beings on land in organic dry-land diving gear.

Sound travels through water 5 times more efficiently that through air – since the body is made of cells and cells are mostly water, the body is the perfect medium for transmitting sound. Sound is an excellent method for causing a deep stimulation of the cells. To me this is the true meaning of the original Mantra Tone Chant. You go to the master, who sees that all is vibration and that you represent a specific vibrational signature in the universe. He sings to you the sound octave of your personal vibration – you memorize it and chant it to yourself – resonating your whole body and being with your own fundamental frequency. Chanting one’s personal fundamental resonant frequency is the perfect way of opening the DNA of the heart of the cell – the nucleus – and awakening the consciousness within. The original Mantra was chanting of a specific tone which had the possibility of reaching the deepest part of awareness most quickly, clothed in the Sanskrit syllable for your personality archetype as one facet of the face of God.

© 2000 – Dr. Jeffrey D. Thompson, D.C., B.F.A. — Center for NeuroacousticResearch