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The Secret Life of Your Atoms

Dr. Jeffrey D. Thompson, D.C., B.F.A.

Science has long recognized the concept of atoms as the smallest building blocks of the material world – until they began smashing atoms apart experimentally and seeing that in reality they were made of protons, electron and neutrons (positive / negative / neutral – the law of three). The arrangement of these atoms was always the same – the positively charged proton was coupled with the neutron in the nucleus of the atom and the negatively charged electron was spinning in orbit around the nuclear center. This was pictured as a miniature planet with a moon orbiting. Now we know it is very different. The magnetic attraction of the positively charged proton for the negatively charged electron was offset by the centrifugal force of the spin of the electron around the proton.

Protons are the oldest structures in the universe. All the atoms that exist have been here since the beginning of the formation of the universe. Atoms have their birthplace in the center of stars and through the eon’s cycle through the formation of many structures over billions of years – eventually they may find their way to the formation of our bodies…..

Every atom in my body was once inside a star………

Aside from the fact that the electron is spinning around the proton, the electron itself is spinning in place and so is the proton. A curious fact of protons and electrons is that they always have opposite charges and spin in opposite directions. In physics it is impossible for the electron and proton to touch – if they were to come closer, the electron spin would speed up by the appropriate amount to push it away and make this impossible. New thoughts on the matter in scientific circles are that the electrons exist in an “electron cloud” around the nucleus which itself exists as a “nuclear cloud”. I personally think it’s all done with smoke and mirrors.

At the turn of the century, when scientists could find no direct evidence of the ancient universal ground substance the “Ether” in the universe, they made a grave error in reasoning and tossed out the idea of a ground substance in the universe all together. This has made the study of quantum physics an altogether insane ride through confusing and contradictory laws and rules of subatomic behavior which generally defy reason. Some scientists have begun to add this factor back into the universal equation and call it the “black-body” or the universal invisible substance which surrounds and penetrates everything. This is actually a return to the old idea of the “Ether”.

When the Ether is added back, many things about the basic functioning of the universe become obvious and simple again. The Ether is the basic “stuff” out of which the basic material of the universe is constantly being born into existence and back into which it returns – moment by moment. From this standpoint the electron and proton are not separate particles, but two different ends of a vortex on the substance of the Ether itself: a multi-dimensional tornado in the ground substance of the universe. This vortex of energy movement in the Ether has a clockwise, positive charged spin at one end (which we call a proton), penetrates our universe into the next higher dimension and exits back into this dimension of Ether at a different position in an opposite spin direction and charge – the other end of the same vortex (which we call an electron). This relationship of the two ends of the vortex with opposite spin and charge conform to the mathematical laws of harmonics and overtones which we see manifested in the construction of all natural systems (including the construction of our own bodies). These elemental vortexes in the Ether (the proton / electron pair with the neutron) arrange themselves in harmonic numbers and patterns which we have ordered into what we call the Periodic Table of the Elements. This arrangement of the elements in the periodic table also follows the laws of harmonics and overtones set forth in the law of octaves and which we see reflected in how nature grows it’s own systems. This table of elements is basically arranged by atomic weight, which is determined by how many protons, neutrons and electrons there are in each element (there are always the same number of protons as there are electrons and from the Ether model of the protons and electrons being opposite ends of a multi-dimensional vortex in the Ether, we can see why).

So the periodic table of elements really stands for the number of ways the vortexes in the Ether have expressed themselves as harmonic ratios and numbers of vortexes per element which appear to us to be a certain number of protons, electrons and neutrons. This “Law of Three” of the proton, neutron and electron is woven into the Periodic “Law of Seven” as the elements repeat with great regularity their primary properties at intervals of every 7th element – that is, every octave, every Si – Do. The Primordial Ether is alive with infinite patterns of vortex energy. Protons, electrons and neutrons form atoms which form the basic elements. The basic elements (arranged in the periodic table of elements) combine together to form all the chemical compounds and molecules which make the material world as we know it (including our bodies).

The precision of the arrangement of the law of octaves and harmonics in the structure of the primordial elements of the periodic table actually led a prominent scientist at the turn of the century, Dimitry Mendeleyev, to be able to predict that three elements of the periodic table would eventually be discovered – and they were!

The atoms themselves reflect this same harmonic structure of the “Law of Seven”. The electrons orbiting around the nucleus of each atom always fall into a specific orbital “shell” or exact distance from the nucleus. Electrons can only orbit at these exact distances from the nucleus and no closer – no farther away. Only a certain number of electrons can occupy each of these “shells” – 2 electrons in the first shell, the second shell : 8, the third : 13, the fourth : 32 and so on in an esoteric mathematical sequence called “double squares” (2×1 = 1st shell of 2 electrons, 2×2 = 2nd shell 8 electrons, 2×3 = 3rd shell, 18 electrons, etc.)

Outside of the Law Of Seven arrangement of the elements in the periodic table are the elements of the “O” group: The Noble Gases. These are the 6 elements which each have a perfect inner harmony of structure where the number of electrons exactly fill each orbital shell so that the atom as a whole has no need to combine with any other atom to attempt to attain a perfectly stable configuration (Helium, Neon, Argon, Krypton, Xenon and Radon). I believe that there is a missing Noble Gas which would satisfy the missing Law of Seven symmetry for a total of seven noble gasses – I’ll explain in a minute why. Actually, all the other elements in the periodic table are attempting to conform their own configurations to mimic the stable Noble Gasses configuration and the only way they can do this is to share electrons with other atoms. This process ends up forming all the natural compounds we see which make up everything in our material world.

Experiments have shown that each noble gas has an affinity for each of the seven Chakras except the Crown Chakra (why I think there is a missing Noble Gas!). By placing each Noble Gas in a thin cylindrical container wound with a spiral electrical coil, it is possible to create a Noble Gas Beam by passing an electrical current through the coil. This is the reason I have determined that there is a missing Noble Gas of extremely high resonance and atomic weight which does not occur in nature, but can only be consciously made by us. I also believe that each of the Noble Gasses are naturally distilled out of the associated activity of conscious effort associated with the inner awakening of the energy form associated with each Chakra – therefore we each manufacture our own Noble Gasses with moments of awareness associated with the opening of each Chakra. Moments of the perception of Myself existing harmonize all of the Chakras and release a mix of all the noble gasses in a harmonious mixture which has an effect on those people in one’s presence at that time.

This is indeed one of the research projects I have proposed and have begun feasibility studies on here at the California Institute for Human Science – to study the effect of the Noble Gasses on each Chakra and also study the effect of certain states of consciousness on each Chakra and the release of noble gasses. Since we have the Copper, Electromagnetically Shielded Room here to work with, we can scientifically measure the photon emissions from each Chakra and determine its relative balance and whether it responds to certain treatments. In my experiments these treatments will be sound, Noble Gases and states of consciousness.

In a classic physics “thought experiment”, based on the predictions which the mathematics prove happens, called the “Schrödinger Cat Paradox” (after famous physicist Max Schrödinger) we see how reality depends on consciousness to manifest reality at a quantum level. A cat is placed in a box with a bottle of cyanide with a hammer suspended above it. A lid is placed on the box. The box is shaken. The cat is then either dead or alive due to the hammer dropping or not dropping and breaking the bottle of cyanide. According to the physics mathematics, the cat exists in a twilight state of living/dead cat until consciousness arrives on the scene to observe which event took place. Actually, according to the mathematics, the one of these two possibilities “pops” into existence the moment observation takes place.

In the real world, the cat in the box is the next moment from now – with an infinite number of possibilities for the next moment. All of these possibilities exist as a potential to be what the next moment will manifest, but none will take place until consciousness arrives on the scene of this next moment to observe.

From a standpoint of quantum physics, the root level of reality is an infinite field of energy vibration. This field of energy exists as a possibility to be an infinite number of things, but nothing manifested as yet. This pure field of infinite possibility does not become manifest as anything until consciousness arrives on the scene to observe which possibility is going to “Pop” into existence. When consciousness arrives on the scene, it mixes with this pure energy field and one of the infinite possibilities “pops” into existence. The question is “what determines which of these infinite possibilities is going to be the one which gets to “pop” into existence?” The answer is:

When consciousness arrives on the scene to observe, it brings with it an expectation of what it thinks is going to happen. This expectation gives that particular possibility a special significance over all the other possibilities in the infinite field of energy. The universe is an ecological system always looking for the path of least resistance to conserve energy. This expectation of a certain possibility by consciousness creates this path of least resistance for the possibility we are expecting to happen – this is why this particular possibility “pops” into existence instead of any of the others.

The next moment from now holds an infinite number of possible outcomes for my own life to flow into. As I arrive at this next moment, I have the possibility of controlling my expectation of what the next moment will bring as an experience; therefore I have the possibility of controlling which reality will “pop” into existence for me from moment to moment.

I control my own reality moment by moment when I am in a certain conscious state.

Quantum physicists have confirmed in the laboratory that in classical experiments the act of observing the experiment changes the results of the experiment. It seems to me that reality is actually based on magic: the magic of existence in this moment! Like a multi-dimensional dream which God is having right now. In the past centuries people didn’t give a second thought to the existence of higher forces, angel visitations, burning bushes talking, elemental spirits, etc. Then, as our species “grew up” we ceased to believe in such things and adopted a “rational” view of the universe and invented machines and devices to more accurately measure and view the nature of the material world. It was then that science became the new church and scientists became the new priesthood. But now these scientists have discovered that the act of observation participates in creating reality moment by moment. So if scientists are expecting the world to be made of ever smaller particles which they can then put more names on, the act of expecting the world to be made this way is the expectation of consciousness which “pops” this reality into existence at the quantum level. The Universe will dish up any level of detail which your consciousness is expecting to see to uphold your viewpoint that the world is made the way you think it is. If we all believed once again that the heart of reality was magic – it would be so.

And So It Is……….

© 2000 – Dr. Jeffrey D. Thompson, D.C., B.F.A. — Center for Neuroacoustic Research