Neuroacoustic Sound Chair

Neuroacoustic Sound Chair


The Dr. Thompson Sound Table Delivery System

Table Specifications

  • Width: 30" Length: 73" Height: 25" - 35"
  • Deluxe Foam – 3” Non-flammable Touch-type Foam giving super comfort
  • Table Weight: 65 lbs Working Weight: 500 lbs
  • Upholstery: Soft, stain/mildew resistant, durable, easy-to-clean – Only available in Opal
  • Legs: Hardwood and attractive
  • Headrest: Adjustable, Layered Memory Foam giving super comfort
  • Ends of Table: Usually at least one is a Reiki end
  • Patented Technology
  • Full Frequency Headphones (HD280 Sennheiser) – Option: Upgrade to Neuroacoustic® Headphones ($200 +/-);

Please be aware, our amplifier and CD Player are both US 120v, if you need a different power rating system, you will be responsible for purchasing your own in your country.

For more information about Dr. Thompson's Sound Table Delivery System contact us,

Call 1-760-931-5333 or email: cnr@neuroacoustic.com

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Product Description

The Sound Table Delivery System is a is comprised of a foldable, padded, long-lasting sound table with patented technology. The system includes an impedance-matched Amp/Receiver and an Audio Player for CDs or for Digital Downloads. The system also includes full frequency spectrum headphones (commercial-long-lasting if to be used clinically); quality speaker wire; and easy-to-follow instructions for set-up and use. In addition to its primary purpose of Scientific Sound Healing and Bio-Tuning®, the Sound Table has many applications, which it greatly enhances. Examples include massage, body energy work, acupuncture, lymphatic work, Reiki, etc. As the world's Premier Sound Healing Researcher, Brainwave Entrainment Expert, and High-Tech Personal Transformational Pioneer with sound used scientifically, Dr. Jeffrey Thompson leads the way in healing the body, heart, mind and spirit through the scientific application of sound.


"I was on the table for about 5-7 minutes and when you came in to "bring me back", I felt exhilarated and peppy--I had little sleep the night before and those few minutes of sound treatment awakened me.  What a great feeling!"

Trisha K, Body-Energy Practitioner

"Some of the many comments from Conference Attendees who experienced 4-5 minutes on the Sound Table with Dr. Jeffrey Thompson CDs, headphones and CNR’s Light Glasses – Among those too numerous to repeat here were comments of – "Fantastic! – Cool! – Wild! – Neat! – The vibration really relaxed me. – Exquisite! – Terrific! Thanks! – This is special! – That was wonderful!"

"That is wild! That’s the widest thing I’ve done for a long time. The whole table moved and I saw so many colors. This is a real trip! Imagine how my clients would like this."

Conference Attendee

"This morning I did a test. Prior to using the sound table I tested my urine for acid-alkalinity. Then I laid on my sound table using CD 2 of the Awakened Mind. I tested the second urine after the table because I felt that it would be a more accurate account since my kidneys and bladder had probably processed urine prior to the table. My alkaline count had gone up significantly. I was amazed. Of course, we all know that being in a peaceful state is more alkalinizing, but this was phenomenal. I do not know what I would do without your Sound Table. I honestly feel I would not be alive today without your technology and help. Thank you so much."

Donnia Bradley, Practitioner -- OK

"There's definitely a huge difference between using the table and not using it, although the CD's are quite powerful without it.  Receiving frequencies bodily makes for a more integrative and stronger experience."

John P, School Principal, Publisher -- CO

Please allow 4-6 weeks for shipment, although orders are shipped as rapidly as possible. Shipping is FOB, Packed, Pt of Origin. Prices are subject to change without notice. Prices at time of order confirmation and receipt of deposit will apply.

Because we believe so strongly in the efficacy of these systems, if a payment plan is needed, we are happy to assist.

For more information
Call 1-760-931-5333 or email us at: cnr@neuroacoustic.com

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