Neuroacoustic Sound™ Chair

Neuroacoustic Sound Chair


The Dr. Thompson Sound Chair Delivery System

Chair Specifications

  • Ergonomic, Zero Gravity, Sound Chair
  • Measurements: Fully upright 40” L x 31” W x 45” H Fully reclined 61” L x 31” W x 30” H
    Wall Clearance: Recommended: 12 “
  • Weight: 120# Working Weight: 400#
  • Zero-gravity Recline Posture
  • Ergonomic Body Cradle Design
  • Ball-bearing Guide-rail System
  • Adjustable Headrest
  • Base Stain: Walnut
  • Pads: Top Premium Leather + $750 (Pending availability)
  • Patented Technology Design
  • Full frequency Headphones
  • Option to add Digital FLAC Player (+$55)
  • Option to add CD Player (+$200)

Please be aware, our amplifier and CD Player are both US 120v, if you need a different power rating system, you will be responsible for purchasing your own in your country.

For more information about the Dr. Thompson' Sound Delivery Chair please contact us,
Call 1-760-931-5333 or email: cnr@neuroacoustic.com

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Product Description

The Sound Chair Delivery System is a Vibroacoustic Chair that belongs in every home, every office and clinic! It is comprised of a sleek recliner with a Walnut or Dark Walnut stained base, Soft, long wearing and very comfortable SofHyde or Bonded Leather pads outfit the chair. It is manual for ease of operation and is ergonomic and zero-gravity, all operative with Dr. Thompson’s patented technologies. The System includes an impedance-matched amp/receiver; a digital audio player for downloads; full frequency headphones; quality speaker wire; and easy-to-follow instructions for set-up and use. As the World's Premier Sound Healing Researcher, Brainwave Entrainment Expert, and High-Tech Personal Transformational Pioneer with the use of sound.


"Oh, My! This is a perfect chair. It is so relaxing…I don’t feel pressure on any part of my body and to feel the music through my body -- this is wonderful. I need to get one for my wife and home."

Charles Amos, Managerial Consultant – CA

"I took my Blood Pressure before and after listening to my (Custom Bio-Tuning) CD in the chair and then again before retiring. I took it again in the morning. My blood pressure was lower from a half hour in the chair with

my CD than with seven hours of regular sleep."

Cecilia C, Professor -- CA

"In creating ProBody, I wanted to offer my clients the 'Ultimate Personal Training Experience' consisting of an all-encompassing workout for the body and a stress reducing method for the mind. Discovering Dr. Thompson's neuroacoustic chairs became the perfect answer.  My goal to create a Pavlovian response to the workout was realized by treating them to the neuroacoustic therapy after their workouts-- a most unique, spa-like, and incredibly effective stress reducing "Reward".  My clients love "the chair!"

Rona Chowenhill, Owner/President - ProBody Personal Training and Neuro Fitness Center – N Y

"I have one of your Sound Chairs in my home. I love it! I can be really tired from a very busy day, but a half-hour in the chair listening to one of my custom CDs or one of your CDs rejuvenates me. I relax so completely I am ready for many more hours of work and activity. Sometimes when I listen to one of my Delta CDs late at night, I find myself sleeping in the chair all night. I am literally in one position all night, but awaken fully refreshed. I am not stiff or sore."

HL, Homemaker -- CA

Please allow 4-6 weeks for shipment, although orders are shipped as rapidly as possible. Shipping is FOB, Packed, Pt of Origin. Prices are subject to change without notice. Prices at time of order confirmation and receipt of deposit will apply.

Because we believe so strongly in the efficacy of these systems, if a payment plan is needed, we are happy to assist.

For more information

Call 1-760-931-5333 or email us at: cnr@neuroacoustic.com

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