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Dr. Jeffrey D. Thompson, D.C., B.F.A. provides the opportunity for individual Bio-Tuning® therapeutic sessions by appointment.

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Bio-Tuning® is a safe, non-invasive, pleasant, gentle but powerful, fast-acting with long lasting effects, holistic approach using sound in a high-tech and scientific manner for health, wellness, personal growth and transformation.  It is the result of 30+ years of clinical research.


The Bio-Tuning® and Sonic Induction
Therapy™ Process -- Phase I

The Bio-Tuning® / Sonic Induction Therapy™ process begins with a series of four distinct steps:1) To find your Fundamental Sound Frequency to balance your body. 2) To find key Brainwave Frequency Patterns associated with optimal states of consciousness for healing your physical, emotional and mental levels. 3) To expose you to these sounds through a specially designed Neuroacoustic Sound Delivery Table. 4) To make a 3-D recording of your voice reproducing this key frequency to tap the specific harmonics and overtones of your "voice-print" to awaken subconscious recognition and healing at a deep level. This voice-tone then gets transferred to a compact disc to be used at home between sessions, in an intensive, every day healing program.

There are nine core sessions in the initial Bio-Tuning® Program, Phase I. Each of these five sessions, and the audio program on a CD which accompanies each session, works on a different level of healing and balancing of your body, emotions and mind.  These sessions are usually one to three weeks apart, but vary according to your response time and needs.

The first Bio-Tuning® session takes approximately 2 hours and involves testing through a variety of different body systems to find imbalances that are used as a guide in verifying your precise Fundamental Tone. These systems include: structural, muscular, acupuncture, bio-magnetic, organ/gland, neurological and emotional centers.  Although each of these body systems has its own unique resonant frequency, the Fundamental Frequency Tone for the entire "Bio-Mass" of your body resonates all of them through sympathetic resonance.  This causes a global body response, which is what we are looking to see as a firm confirmation that we have found the correct frequency pattern for you personally.

The sound generating equipment used in this process can accurately divide musical intervals by 100 steps - that is 100 divisions of sharp or flat between two notes on a piano keyboard.

This highly accurate frequency pattern is then played through your body using a specially designed sound therapy table with electronic "tuning fork" transducers, which turn the entire table into a giant vibrational sounding board. Part of the reason for the profound responses experienced by most people who have gone through this process is a result of direct cellular vibration stimulation with this sound table.

In addition to this process of physical resonance with sound, testing is done to find the optimal Brainwave State of Consciousness for you to be in, for this process to work most effectively.  For this, special sound-pulse frequencies are used which cause a sympathetic resonance of your brainwaves. These frequencies cause the brainwaves to follow into specific states of consciousness through a process called "Brainwave Entrainment".  There is a direct relationship between the "Fundamental" Sound Frequency that causes a balancing of your body systems and various specific brainwave states of consciousness.  There are nine brainwave Frequencies for healing which can be calculated as octaves of your Fundamental Healing Tone.  Therefore, there are nine core Bio-Tuning® Sessions, one for each of these brainwave healing states of consciousness.  It is these brainwave frequency states of consciousness for healing, which are used in the Bio-Tuning® sessions and the CDs, which you use and work with at home. 

During the first session of the Bio-Tuning® experience, you will be lying on the Neuroacoustic Sound Delivery Table with headphones on. The specific sound frequency and brainwave entrainment frequencies will be playing through your body and your ears.  What you hear is what you will feel, and what you feel is what you will hear. Persons with a hearing problem or who are unable to hear at all, also benefit from the Bio-Tuning® process due to the vibrational portion of the healing process available to them.

In the second session and in each succeeding session, the Fundamental Frequency found the first time is re-tested, to make sure it is still correct. We then make a 3-D recording of your voice reproducing this exact tone.  If need be, I adjust what is reproduced to be your Bio-Tone so you need not be concerned about your singing ability. Many cannot reproduce their tone exactly. Once I have checked and adjusted your tone to the x degree, I then format your voice-tone so  only your unconscious mind recognizes it. This, together with the other tools I use, awakens your “Inner Physician,” a term I frequently use to refer to the Healing Power within each person.

The Voice-Tone recording is very important because only your own vocal cords can produce the unique set of harmonics and overtones which are characteristic of your personal, unique "Voice-Print" pattern - a pattern highly recognizable to the part of your biological system which designed and grew your body out of two cells in the first place.  This part of the unconscious mind designed the vocal cords themselves and deeply recognizes the unique pattern of sound they produce.

During this second session on the Vibroacoustic Sound Table, a pair of "Light Glasses" are used. These are a pair of lightweight glasses with tiny LED light bulbs inside which flash against your closed eyelids. The flashing of these lights is driven by the vibration sound frequencies of your voice pattern that we recorded. So, you are seeing - what you are hearing - what you are feeling through your body.  This causes a multi-faceted synchronicity in the electrical activity in the visual, auditory and vibration sense areas of the cortex and brainstem.  It also coordinates the three primary perceptual modes in the body: the Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic, and brings them into balance with one another.

The next few sessions involve playing this unique, inner activating Voice-Tone Pattern through your body, ears and eyes.  It is a perfect match of your primary energy pattern superimposed on You - using your own Voice Sound.  Each session creates a new custom CD for you to take with you and work with at home. Each of these recordings will have a different brainwave entrainment frequency unique to you, for balancing the physical, then the emotional and then the mental "bodies".  

Your Fundamental Voice-Tone is like your Personal Mantra.  The Mantra wasn't just the Sanskrit sound that one used in meditation, but the chanting of one's own special tone, which resonated one's consciousness with one's own vocal cords singing into one's own "bio-mass" to the root of consciousness.  

Your Fundamental Voice-Tone is also equivalent to "Sonic Constitutional Homeopathy".  In the esoteric form of Constitutional Homeopathy, a remedy is made from a drop of your own blood. This holds the primary subtle vibration energy pattern of your Being.  Exposure to this primary pattern re-vitalizes your essential vibratory pattern and leads to a profound level of inner healing.  Your Bio-Frequencies from your Voice-Tone Pattern do the same with sound.  

During the later course of these Bio-Tuning® sessions, we will be using specific sound frequencies which access deeply buried emotional traumas, frequencies to help you uncover your Life Purpose and techniques for accelerating personal evolution.  

At the conclusion of the first five sessions, your visits will usually extend to two (2) week and then one-month intervals in which you will be working with your custom sound recordings at home.  This method of working with your custom recordings at home on a regular basis, acts as a catalyst for initiating and constantly moving forward the inner change process.

At the conclusion of these monthly intervals, during which time you are working with your personal sound, an individual is usually read to progress to the remaining four brainwave states used in the first Phase of Bio-Tuning.  I retest your progress to ensure that all body systems have stabilized. At this time, deeper layers needing attention may manifest which may benefit from attention and proper care. The body heals in a very orderly fashion if we listen to and honor it.  It may also be important to re-record your voice-tone if there has been a major physical or emotional breakthrough.  Significant breakthroughs correspond to a clarifying of the voice pattern and the reflection of the "new you" in your voice. The new state of balance in yourself is reflected in all of your body tissues - including your vocal cords and the harmonics and overtones they produce.  This new transformed vocal pattern has an accelerated effect on further balancing your systems and expanding your self-empowerment.  

Bio-Tuning® Sonic Induction Therapy™ -- Phase II and III

As time goes on, one reaches a place of balance where attempts to balance or repair what is non-harmonious is not necessary. One is then ready to begin Phase II and then advance into Phase III of the Bio-Tuning® process. Phase II stresses the expanding of your capabilities and maximizing your abilities as a human being.  Once all of our systems are fully "on-line" and functioning properly, we are in a position to begin to push forward our own evolution and abilities to the maximum.  

As we continue to move forward in using the tools and techniques learned from ancient cultures for self-transformation and self-perfection and combining this knowledge with the high-tech tools at our disposal, Phase III helps us to maximize the developmental process for personal transformation and self-perfection.  We use all brainwave states currently known, including the highest states of consciousness and those which reach the deepest into the brain where confounding metaphysical questions are answered.  Mega-learning, peak performance, enhanced awareness and meditative states for ecstatic and extraordinary states of consciousness are some of the goals for Phase II and III. 

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