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Sound for Self Healing

Bio-Tuning® is a Holistic, Tri-body, Healing Modality brought to us by Dr. Jeffrey Thompson.
It is “Healing the Body * Heart * Mind and Spirit through the Scientific Application of Sound”


What is Bio-Tuning®?

Bio-tuning®, Bio-Tune™, Voice-Tone™ and Fundamental Frequency™ are words coined by Jeffrey Thompson, D.C., B.F.A. early in his career. He used each word to descriptively identify an important aspect in his research and then in his resulting comprehensive answer to a person’s body/heart/mind/spirit need for a holistic, life-giving, personal growth, peak performance program. All are an integral part of the Bio-Tuning Modality, which is not just a relaxing experience, though it is that. It is the Stimulator of one’s Inner Power to heal and bring forth one’s abilities and capabilities. We frequently refer to that Power as an “Internal or Inner Physician”, a Bio-organic Intelligence, or Life Force. Whatever name, for this Power Within, which is comfortable to you, is fine.

Bio-Tuning is an “All-in-One” program, which includes our Guidelines for Health addressing nutritional needs, exercise, mental outlook, sleep and personal care. Bio-Tuning provides an individual with a convenient, fun, economical, and powerful way to achieve brain and nervous system balance for vibrant, productive, healthy living. All known to Dr. Thompson brainwave states currently offered in the Bio-Tuning program are available in three (3) Phases. Phase I centers upon balancing your physical “body” (meridians, organs, the autonomic nervous system, etc.); your emotional “body”, through special additional testing to facilitate the resolution of past and current traumas and hurts; and your mental “body” to evaluate and adjust your belief systems, making them truthful and life-affirming so they can support you in your life’s journey. Phase I also contains very special states affecting regions of the brain which are more active at rest than during task performance. These assist many to know more clearly who they are in time, space, society.

Phase II, built solidly upon the benefits and foundation of Phase I, stresses higher avenues of awareness, personal growth, creativity and peak performance. Phase III uses technology to give its highest benefit to mankind: deep meditation and ecstatic states of consciousness. It is the “Pinnacle” Phase, facilitating transformative spiritual growth and expanded consciousness. We do not say it replaces your spiritual practices of Christianity, Yoga, Zen, Buddha or those of other true religions, but rather that it may well complement your prayer and meditation and accelerate your personal growth, awareness, consciousness, evolution.

Bio-Tuning® is very individualized, from the first moment of communicating with an interested party, and especially later as it finds the specific frequency which brings one holistically into a state of homeostasis. It then uses your personal Voice-Tone™ for healing and growth purposes. In each session, you hear and feel and see your vibration and frequency, each segment working to balance and re-train the nervous system into a neuro-synergy, a beautiful and joyous state of homeostatic adaptive functioning. This sound portion of your session is recorded for you, either digitally or on a compact disc, your choice, utilizing Dr. Thompson’s hi-tech and very effective technology which actually creates the sound program for you. One then uses this program on a daily basis at home, as recommended. This is not hard to do; rather the challenge is not listening to the program more than the recommended number of times. Yes, it is a “narcissistic trip” – a positive, healthy and legal “trip” as many say, frequently emitting a “Wow, that was wonderful!” or “Oh, I don’t want it to stop!”

Because Bio-Tuning is specific to an individual, goes to the causality of that individual’s challenge, concern or need, known or unknown, it is appropriate for all ages and all conditions. Bio-Tuning® is life-changing and, in non-too-few cases, life-saving. It is an awesome experience, safe for the smallest infant to the most fragile mature individual. (Pets also enjoy the audio programs made for their owners or for them!)


What brainwave states are used in Bio-Tuning®?

Dr. Thompson follows the natural law of healing. So the brainwave states used follow in sequence with the Delta state for physical healing occurring first. Most everyone has three (3) Delta brain states and so the first three (3) sessions are focused on physical healing.

Some benefits are very obvious and almost miraculous from the first session forward, while many are more subtle and manifest in a greater ability to heal, to sleep, have better energy, an overall boost in feeling better, more ability to handle the challenges of life more calmly and easily, etc., etc. The list of benefits is long and can be different for each individual, since Dr. Thompson’s Bio-Tuning seems, as mentioned, to have a unique ability to go to the causality of a person’s need.

In the fourth session, the Theta brainwave state is used. This is where emotions and past hurts and traumas can be healed. For many, the Theta brainwave session “thaws” “frozen” feelings from past traumas, hurts, neglect. As the brain state for healing feelings and emotions, the Theta session is very gentle but powerful: insights enhance understanding and realizations come with the “Aha” moments brought about by hemisphere synchronization and one’s receptivity and readiness. Again, the process is to balance and awaken the “Inner Physician” and allow It to do “Its job”. Processing and releasing the stored toxic emotional traumas occur when the physical energetic body is ready and able to safely receive the emotionally charged energy.

The fifth session uses the Alpha brain state where beliefs systems can be righted and one’s purpose of life discovered or more fully uncovered. De-crystallizing self-defeating, negative belief systems about one’s self and ability to be healed, loved and successful is another very powerful and personally liberating experience from the Bio-Tuning® process.

One could equate Bio-Tuning to having a Chiropractor, a Therapist and a Friend on a CD or in a Flac Player! Yes, all are there! Many individuals receive chiropractic adjustments, insights and emotional releases and healing, and a re-scripting of belief systems when listening to their Audio Programs at home. This is because all, even the vertebrae alignment is controlled by the brain and it is the brain and the nervous system, of which the brain is a part, which is being educated and re-trained in the Bio-Tuning process. It is like a personal gym: an Inner Gym accompanied by a Custom Trainer, finely attuned to your needs and capabilities!< /p>

Do I go through the Program and “Magic, I am a new person!”?

Don’t we all wish – one pass-through and we are perfect!!! Life is a journey with many forks in the road looming in front of us, day in and day out. Bio-Tuning is here to assist each interested individual to make the correct choices for him/herself and so to help heal the Global Body of the Universe, of which we are all a part.

Just as regular maintenance for your driving vehicle needs attention from time-to-time, so do we. If the research recommendations for your vehicle are followed, the vehicle lasts a long time and runs well beyond its expected longevity. Bio-Tuning is this on-going maintenance program for each individual once you have completed the number of brainwave states in which you are interested. Once completed, as Dr Thompson would say, “listening to one of your programs three (3) times a week is maintenance and if you want to grow and expand your consciousness, you will listen every day”. Eventually it may be only one (1) time every three or seven (3 or 7) days. This is no chore, though finding the time sometimes can be complex. Listening is amazingly easy, especially if you have one of Dr Thompson’s vibroacoustic products at home, such as a Dr Thompson Neuroacoustic Sound Chair. Each session is a different experience, but very balancing and regenerating. It is for you and the sound is you!

You might be interested in reading the Articles on Bio-Tuning® and some of the other articles by Dr. Jeffrey Thompson as found on CNR’s website (, if you have not done so already.

Without a doubt, Bio-Tuning® is a truly wonderful experience, especially for those who are receptive and make it a process. We hope you will take advantage of this great opportunity, whomever you are, to benefit yourself and those who love you. If planning to be a Holistic Neuroacoustic Practitioner or Therapist, please know Bio-Tuning® is a requirement, as noted in the Center for Neuroacoustic Research International Registry.