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Embark on a journey to heightened focus and peak performance with “The FLOW State” soundtrack. Our patented audio technology guides your brain into a flow state, a zone of deep concentration and harmony at 7.5 Hz, bridging the gap between Alpha and Theta brainwaves.

Through precise sound modulations delivered to each ear, this track promotes synchronization of the brain’s hemispheres, fostering a state of profound immersion and heightened creativity.

Designed for headphone use to achieve full entrainment, “The FLOW State” is your tool for unlocking a balanced state of mind, where skill and challenge align, distractions fade, and productivity soars. Experience the power of flow and enhance your mental clarity and emotional intelligence with every listen.


1 review for The Flow

  1. Charlotte Hardy

    Charlotte Hardy (verified owner)

    Thoughts on “The Flow”

    Anyone I have ever guided on a inward journey is made comfortable, given a blanket, and told “You are safe, you are loved and you are protected.” Watching over them for any sign of fear or erratic breathing, they can relax and KNOW they are safe during any musical journey.

    Sometimes a tear will drift down their cheek when a wound has been gently touched, not ripping the scar off and dealing with the emotional stress of reliving a traumatic experience, then following the music and drifting on to the next level of consciousness.

    The Flow speaks a language I know well. It is as if I was speaking to myself, knowing I was safe. What a beautiful journey, gentle yet effective.

    I have often heard the question “Where do healers go to be healed?” and the statement “Healers are seeking to be healed.” My reply has always been, “There is a sound, or sounds that will penetrate the depths of your being until the issue is resolved, and I will dig until I find it.”

    How serendipitous can it be that an idyllic musical composition, The Flow, can create the same environment, you are safe, you are loved and you are protected. It is masterfully stunning, and I will venture to say, you will hear the language of the starchildren.

    May Dr. Thompson be blessed for this genius musical story.

    Keep looking up,
    Temperance Sanctuary

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