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Achieve highest states of meditation, insight, creative solving problems and high degree of personal awareness.

The SRI YANTRA consists of 9 triangles arranged very specifically and superimposed on top of one another.  Dr. Jeffrey Thompson has translated this ancient Mandela symbol into a Sonic Mandela mathematically in two different ways, corresponding to part 1 and part 2 of this CD.

This CD was created for the Deepak Chopra seven-day workshop "Seduction of Spirit" held in San Diego, California in 1994. Visual images of the Sri Yantra and its corresponding sound frequencies formed a 45-minute meditation experience as part of the seminar. The sound vibration patterns that are generated by the complex relationship of the many sounds of the Sri Yantra make this soundtrack a very powerful tool for reaching deep states of consciousness.

In each part of this CD, Dr. Thompson has used the circle around the triangular patterns of the Sri Yantra as a central reference point to which all of the triangles relate in distinct proportionate ratios. He took the essential element of the circle, PI, as the basic unit to which all the other ratios of the triangles could relate. Therefore, PI became a frequency vibration rate which, when doubled in value many times became 201.0624 cycles per second or Hz, which is a sound tone in the international tuning scale of G+43 cents. Cents are divisions of micro-tuning between notes on a piano keyboard. Each cent equals 1/100th division of sharp or flat between notes.

In track 1, Dr. Thompson took the circle as 360 degrees equaling the sound equivalent of PI raised by octaves to equal 201.0624 Hz.  He then calculated what one cent division equaled as a sound frequency. Then he converted each of the twenty-seven (27) angles of the nine (9) triangles which make up the Sri Yantra, into their corresponding sound frequency vibration rates and the associated musical tones with the exact micro-tuning accuracy of a single cent. Therefore, on track 1 you will hear the Sri Yantra assemble itself sonically one triangle tone at a time, starting with the frequency for the circle and ending with all twenty-seven (27) angles playing together. This produces an extremely complex pattern of relationships, the exact relationships you see as you look at the Sri Yantra Mandela pattern visually. This Audio Program is the sonic equivalent, accurate to 1 cent, of the beautiful Sri Yantra looked upon visually.

Track 2 of the Sri Yantra CD again uses the value of PI, raised by octaves to G+43 cents, as a baseline sound frequency.  In this track, Dr. Thompson calculated the area of the circle and then calculated the area of each of the nine (9) triangles. He then related the area of each triangle as a percentage proportion to the circle that enclosed it, making a ratio. Ratios between tones are what musical tuning is all about. The complex pattern of precisely tuned sound frequencies of all nine (9) triangles creates a sound field of multiple levels of pulses created by the acoustic physics principles of "The Critical Bandwidth". The tuning of the precise frequencies of each of the nine (9) triangles of the Sri Yantra all fall exactly within a range called the "Critical Bandwidth". This is when two tones are tuned within 18% of one another. In this range of tuning, the brain cannot distinguish two separate tones, but hears a single tone with a pulse within it that is created by the difference between the two tones. This is the key element in the high-tech methods Dr. Thompson developed in 1982 to cause a brainwave entrainment response called "Binaural Beats" - the mixing of two precisely tuned tones to make a pulse which entrains brainwaves into altered states of consciousness. The Sri Yantra accomplishes this brainwave entrainment phenomenon in a most sophisticated way. The symbol is countless thousands of years old. The Sonic Sri Yantra is powerful, beautiful and is capable of giving its receptive listeners an experience not easily forgotten. It, like so many of Dr. Thompson's creations, is truly a Masterpiece of Art and Science.

In both track 1 and track 2 of this CD, Dr. Thompson has played the complete Sri Yantra through a series of seven octaves. You will hear the Sri Yantra begin a mix of complex low frequency vibrations, which continually double in frequency every four minutes and become higher and higher, leading one upward. With headphones, you will be able to feel the Sri Yantra begin as a sound vibration in your body and eventually exit through the top of your head.

The sounds on this CD have been processed with special 3-D recording techniques, so headphones or good stereo separation are essential for best results. This CD is best used sitting in a meditation posture with an erect spine, with eyes closed and lights dim. You may also wish to listen to it while meditating when gazing at a picture of the Sri Yantra.


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