Sonic Labyrinth



This is a download only program, no CD format available.

A sacred symbol translated into powerful soundscape for meditation, inner growth and change.

This is a download only program, no CD format available.

Labyrinths have been used both as meditative symbols and as catalysts for inner change through the physical activity of walking them.  Now for the first time, we have a Sonic Labyrinth, thanks to Dr. Jeffrey Thompson, who meticulously translated this sacred symbol of the Labyrinth through precise mathematical calculations. In doing so, he has rendered the symbol into sound, giving us a very beautiful and powerful sound recording for meditation and inner change and growth.

Now a person can hear what he/she is seeing when walking the labyrinth, creating a deeply moving and uplifting effect not likely available elsewhere.

By mathematically calculating the area of the enclosing circle of the labyrinth from the value for PI and ascribing this value as the foundation vibration frequency, Dr. Thompson then raised the   frequency by octaves until within the range of human hearing.  This tone corresponds to G+43 cents on an electronic keyboard which can be tuned  by 100 steps of sharp or flat between notes, with each cent equaling 1/100th step of sharp or flat between two notes. Each of the concentric rings of the labyrinth were then carefully measured and calculated as an area. This area was then calculated as a percentage of the area of the enclosing circle of the labyrinth that then equaled a new and specific tone for each concentric ring. This lead to a multiple level or series of superimposed tones, each precisely tuned and representing the sonic counterpart of the visual diagram of the labyrinth. A Sonic Labyrinth was born!

The interaction of these different tones causes a series of what are called "frequency modulations". These modulations are heard as pulses within the Sonic Labyrinth. These pulses are very similar to the modulated pulses used to change consciousness called Brainwave Entrainment.

Brainwave Entrainment uses sound vibrations pulsing at known brainwave speeds, which cause brainwaves to lock onto and follow these sound pulses. This leads to changed states of consciousness for deep stress reduction, relaxation, meditation, etc.   Since brainwave patterns are closely associated with specific states of consciousness, these brainwave entraining sound pulses can bring the mind into deep states of consciousness very quickly, which traditionally have taken years of work and study to achieve.

The modulated sound pulses, which naturally arise from the interaction of the tones of each concentric ring of the Sonic Labyrinth all vibrating together, also cause this brainwave entrainment of consciousness. In this case, the sound pulse frequencies generated by the sound interactions of the tones from the Sonic Labyrinth bring the mind into a unique state of consciousness. We may well call this a "Labyrinth Consciousness". It is a state of consciousness brought on by the same influence of the labyrinth as when it is seen with the eyes or when it is walked through with the body.

The most powerful use of this Sonic Labyrinth CD is to listen to it with headphones while walking the same labyrinth pattern as the sound on this CD, since the sounds are a precise translation of the Labyrinth depicted on the cover of the jewel case insert for this CD.


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