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To Accept a Personal Challenge
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Psycho-Sensory Integration Series(Dr. Jeffrey Thompson)

The Psycho-Sensory Integration series was developed for the Psychotherapy and Clinical Hypnotherapy community of practitioners based on feedback from them using our existing soundtracks in their practice. Based on this feedback, I created these six soundtracks, invented a new type of music form – “Non-Linear Music”. Non-Linear Music is a type of music that does not obey the normal “western-style” musical rules we are all familiar with.

Non-Linear music does not follow chord change rules, A/B/A/chorus/A/B/Musical Conclusion rules. Non-Linear Music is more of a “Musical Sound Space”, in 3-D that is not going anywhere, but right here and therefore allows the mind to drift free and become unanchored to the familiar.

Each soundtrack is meant to be played in the background during a therapy session at a low level to entrain the doctor and patient’s brainwaves into a synchronized state…a “mind-Link” where empathic bonding can take place and deeper work can be done.  These soundtracks can be used also with headphones during therapy sessions. For home use, headphones are recommended.

Each of the six soundtracks drives brainwaves into different brainwave states of consciousness for specific therapeutic purposes outlined below:

PSI 1: This soundtrack deals with physical issues that are linked from an unconscious realm; unconscious issues manifesting as physical problems. The brainwave entrainment for this soundtrack is in various states of Delta brainwaves and centers in interacting layers of low frequency music to activate the physical body.

PSI 2: This soundtrack deals with issues of the mind and mental chatter. We used 30 layers of sound and music on this track, each layer traveling in its own 3-D space - in order to give the mind so much to listen to, that it disengages and floats free. This is a good state for re-scripting self-defeating belief systems, visualization work and affirmation work. Some of the specially processed sounds are Saturn's Rings, Jupiter/Saturn Plasma Sounds, sounds from Neptune, piano, and string instruments all formatted, sampled, and slowed to various octaves.

PSI 3: This soundtrack centers on Theta Brainwave Entrainment which is where emotional release work takes place. Theta activity is where dreaming sleep takes place and dreams are emotional events – nightmares to romance – so real you don’t know you’re in a dream. This is the territory of where the brain heals emotions at night. Some of the sounds and tones used in this audio program include synthesized lyrical sounds and lilting melodies, 3-D rain and birds with sounds from Jupiter's moon “IO” heard faintly in the background. This Audio Program is especially for the Heart...

PSI 4: This soundtrack deals with emotional issues expressing as physical symptoms. The brainwave entrainment frequencies cycle through Theta and Delta brainwave states (emotional and physical). Various nature sounds in 3-D slowed to activate the subconscious mind, bird sounds digitized and played as melody instruments and NASA recordings from Neptune are designed to open areas of the unconscious mind for healing.

PSI 5: This soundtrack is an “Exercise” program for the brain, entraining to a variety of different brainwave states in Alpha, Theta and Delta. This is an Integration soundtrack between mind, emotions and body. This track also mirrors these brain states by using a variety of 3-D nature sounds slowed to activate “pattern recognition” in the deep unconscious mind.

Some of the tones and sounds used along with this musical composition include 3-D steel wound string, formatted and played in different octaves, multi-tracked 3-D nature sounds with brain-frequency stimulating sound patterns, 3-D ocean sounds, and space sounds from Miranda, the smallest moon of Uranus.

PSI 6:

This CD especially includes 3-D recordings of stream and birds from the awe-inspiring Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia, USA. This whole recording has been slowed down one octave to enhance its dream-like quality. A choice Tibetan Bowl has been computer sampled and played many octaves slower to approximate a 25-foot diameter bowl. Digitally sampling the Tibetan bowl make it possible to spread the bowl sound across the entire electronic keyboard and play a “Tibetan Bowl Symphony”. Other Tibetan Bowls, played and computer sampled, are played to create the main instrument sounds for the melody of this Audio Program. Uranus Space Sounds are woven in and out in the background, creating a mystical, dream-like sonic landscape for activating the deep unconscious mind. This soundtrack is for deep, mystical work.



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