This is a download only program, no CD format available.

A proven high tech tool for learning and peak performance.

This is a download only program, no CD format available.

Played softly in the background or used with headphones, this Learning / Memory Audio Program or Soundscape has been designed and engineered to alter your brainwave state to match brainwave states that have been found through clinical research to be associated with opening Deep Memory, Enhanced Learning, Increased Focus and Expanded Concentration.   As such it has been used by many, many persons - from very elite and well-known persons to successfully pass and excel on professional examinations to the smallest child struggling to balance his or her world and learn in school.

The program includes the specific frequency patterns which allow us to achieve: to learn and retain  information, not only for the purpose of passing a quiz or a test, but to retain fact, figures and relationships because the information is worthwhile.   It would be truly wonderful if schools would assist their students with this Soundscape to learn in a more relaxed and creative manner.


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