An extraordinary state of consciousness to deepen and enrich one’s meditation and prayer.

In 1988 extremely high-speed brainwave activity was discovered during open brain surgery where they put EEG electrodes directly on the brain: 40 Hz, 100 Hz and 200 Hz activity. The 40 Hz activity was named Gamma and the 100 and 200 Hz activity was never named. Dr Thompson began researching these new brainwave states with brainwave entrainment and named the 100 and 200 Hz activity “Hyper-Gamma” and “Lambda”. Lambda represents the highest brainwave activity ever recorded. There has been little to no international research on Lambda. Dr Thompson’s research into these very-high states with patient populations since the early 90’s has led to the first brainwave entrainment soundtrack in Lambda ever produced. This brain activity is associated with very-high states of meditation and may be associated with how experienced monks in the Himalayan mountains can meditate and melt the snow around their bodies.


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