Isle of Skye


This was the first soundtrack to ever combine music and brainwave entrainment sound patterns by Dr. Jeffrey Thompson with his now patented technique.

Where it all started!

ISLE of SKYE was Dr. Jeffrey Thompson’s first ground-breaking album for using sound patterns in music to alter states of consciousness. It was created in 1986. At the time, this was the first soundtrack to ever combine music and brainwave entrainment sound patterns. In addition, the technique that Dr Thompson developed to accomplish the brainwave entrainment patterns was a unique approach, which to this day is an exclusive technique to his CDs alone. This recording gained Dr. Thompson international recognition and within one month of its release was carried by every major New Age Music distributor in the country. It was soon adopted by the National Hypnotherapy Association for the high-tech accelerated hypnosis soundtrack using sound.


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Every sound you hear on this CD has multiple frequency patterns for entraining your brainwaves and resonating your mind into deeply peaceful states of consciousness. Every sound has been processed in full 3-D imaging, so the music and the sounds move realistically around you and through you. This is a classic recording, and belongs in everyone's collection…the very beginning of a current catalog of over 90 one hour soundtracks.


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