IOTA 1.0

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“IOTA 1.0” is an innovative album at the frontier of brainwave research, exploring frequencies beyond traditional brainwave states. It introduces IOTA 1 and 2, hypothesized to align with Earth’s biosphere rhythms, a concept supported by the recent discovery of Earth’s 26-second “Heartbeat.” Designed for daily listening, “IOTA 1.0” offers a transformative auditory experience, aiming to deepen the listener’s connection with the Earth and expand consciousness. This album is a unique tool for meditation and personal exploration into new realms of science and awareness.


2 reviews for IOTA 1.0

  1. Philip Thompson

    Philip Thompson (verified owner)

    Amazing frequencies, pure bliss and centered!

  2. Philip Thompson

    Philip Thompson (verified owner)

    A life altering release. Exceptional…

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