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This is a download only program, no CD format available.

Ecstatic States of Consciousness Series. Achieve highest states of meditation, insight, creative solving problems and high degree of personal awareness.

This is a download only program, no CD format available.

In 1989, using EEG equipment with patients with brainwave entrainment and his own unique sound healing technology, Dr Jeffrey Thompson discovered a new type of brainwave frequency never seen before: below the lowest Delta brainwave activity recognized: Below 0.5 Hz Delta. Patients who exhibited this extraordinary slow brain activity all reported amazing metaphysical experiences: out of body experiences, precognitive experiences, spiritual epiphanies, “ah ha” moments, etc. Dr Thompson labeled these under the general heading of “Ecstatic States” and associated their initiation with this new brainwave state of consciousness, which he called “Epsilon”…the next Greek letter after Delta.

Since that date, Dr Thompson has expanded his research into lower and higher brainwave states and currently works with 27 different brainwave states in his clinical practice and research center in San Diego, California.



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  1. Cindy Young

    Cindy Young (verified owner)

    I’ve been listening to this for about a month now. I LOVE IT !! The first thing I noticed is I can breathe deeply. I’m not sure why but it’s like I get a breath of fresh air. I fall asleep fast, which is not something I’m used to. I am so glad I bought this track !

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