Creativity (Music Bundle)


Support for Inspiring and empowering
innovation and production*
– 3 hours of Neuroacoustic audio

Creative activity seems to be mostly associated with Theta brainwave activity in the brain according to
extensive research. Theta brainwave activity is also associated with dreaming sleep (REM, Rapid Eye
Movement sleep) where brainwaves oscillate somewhere between 3.5 Hz – 8 Hz. This means that
massive electrical events in the brain neurons synchronize their firing rates and sweep across the cortex
3.5 to 8 times per second and for some reason, this seems to always be associated with highly creative
brain activity. Think about it: in a dream, its so detailed and so involving, that you don’t know it’s a
dream. In a dream, you react emotionally as if it were real: nightmares – being chased by a monster,
Romance, love, passion, fear, excitement, epiphany...all associated with a specific speed of brainwave
firing of neurons…now THAT’S Creativity!

On the other hand, decades of research (including our own research), has shown that the phenomenon
of Brainwave Entrainment can scientifically guide brainwave function to any brainwave state we wish.
This is accomplished by creating a sound pulse which is pulsing at a brainwave speed and causing the
brain’s bio-clocks to time themselves to this external pulse. So, in this case, we can create these sound
pulses to be pulsing at a Theta brainwave speed and “pick the lock” of the brainwave Creativity State
and over time, exercise this Creative ability in the brain.

This was the basis for our work with Fortune 100 companies in the US: using brainwave entrainment
soundtracks to boost creativity for companies like Mattel, Cisco and Nike. We did before and after
testing of levels of creativity of the groups in these companies who participated, all conducted by a 3 rd
party company who administered and scored theses tests. We could prove a 20% boost in creativity in
six weeks of listening to our custom soundtracks. Mattel even won “Innovative Toy Design of the Year”
during this period, and we were published in the Wall Street Journal for our work with this project.
This soundtrack series is based on the same brainwave entrainment, creativity-boosting principles that
we used in these programs. Hold on to your mind and jump through a new out-of-the-box world of
creativity and re-train and transform your Creative Mind.



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