Creativity (Music Bundle)



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Creativity (Music Bundle)

This Protocol Set includes a series of specific 30 min soundtracks to be listened to with headphones and eyes closed once per day for 1 week per soundtrack. Each soundtrack is listed in the order to be listened to. This is a re-training program for the brain over time. Research has shown that creativity is associated with Theta brainwave activity – the same place you go in dreaming sleep or “daydreaming” during the day. This Creative protocol set is an exercise gym for Theta function in the brain in which we entrain brainwaves to every Theta function possible to exercise this creativity function. In addition, with the use of Binaural beats and headphones, we cause a synchronicity of the right /left hemispheres which is where the brain go when it has a moment of epiphany – insight – problem solving or new original idea. This creativity-boosting approach is based off the work we did for major Fortune 500 Companies (Mattel, Cisco, Nike, Hilton, P&G, Google) to boost creativity, problem solving and out-of-box thinking.

1). Creative Mind 1.0: This soundtrack was based on my boosting creativity work with Mattel, Cisco, Nike and other Fortune 500 companies.
2). Brainwave Massage: This soundtrack uses a variety of different brainwave entrainment frequencies to boost creativity…an “exercise program” for brainwaves to stretch the “elasticity” of the creative processes associated with creativity.
3). Egg of Time: A sort of “Shamanic Journey” for brainwaves in Theta to boost the imagination aspect of creativity.
4). Psychosensory Integration #3: This soundtrack is specific for evoking emotions, which are deeply associated with Theta in dreaming sleep.
5). Psychosensory Integration #5: This soundtrack extends the Theta entrainment for boosting creativity in the brain.
6). Theta Meditation System 1.0: A soundtrack journey into deep Theta brain activity…a meditation of creativity.


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