NeuroWave™ Chair

Advanced Acoustic Vibration Delivery System

Starting at $5,550

The NeuroWave™ Sound Chair delivery system is the most sophisticated system for physical body resonance in the world. We can say this with confidence, because no other system uses our patented stereo design. We have elevated the science and art of our sound chair to a new level, designed from the ground up to deliver medical grade soundwaves directly into your body at strategic places that maximize their effect. 

With over 35+ years of research and development, we’ve optimized the placement of our transducers to be precise, so they align with the highest nerve density networks in the lower back and thighs. When this proper placement of the transducers occurs, the entire body enters a state of resonance sensation.

Although you can’t see it, we have two “floating” sounding boards in a separated right and left stereo configuration built into the chair. Each sounding board is made of a special resonance

material, using a high density, yet flexible plastic that scientifically magnifies the vibration frequencies played throughout your body – these are custom made and unique to our sound chairs. These special sounding boards are attached to the stretched heavy fabric that you’re seated on, which presses them firmly against your body for maximum sound transmission, creating vibration at a cellular level. This means we actually have two sound chairs in one: A left sound chair and right sound chair. This configuration perfectly matches how the vibration sensory array of the spinal cord and nerve roots in the body are arranged. We do this to match how the right and left halves of the Sound Chair match how the hemispheres of the brain process vibration sense and then synchronize with what you hear through the headphones. This is critical for these two systems -right/left Sound Chair and right/left Headphones – to be in sync so that healing with sound and advanced high-tech sound induced meditation will work properly. We call this patented right and left split of our sound delivery system “Headphones for the Body”. 

The curvature of the seat in our sound chairs is a perfect ergonomic curve designed by NASA. NASA took precise measurements of astronauts floating weightless in space to capture the perfect seated position the body naturally assumes when the body is weightless: the seat of our chair is fashioned to reflect this position exactly. As a result, when you lean our sound chair back to its reclined position, your body enters a zero-stress point for the cardiovascular system. This occurs because it is easiest to pump the blood throughout the body when the total body mass is aligned to a horizontal plane, or a “zero-gravity” point. 

Using a right/left stereo configuration with our transducers to properly match to the right and left body, vibration sense, and hearing processes in the brain, we have achieved results never seen in sound therapy methodologies before. This is critical for synchronizing the brain and body with the use of headphones. All other sound chairs in the world use two transducers in a top to bottom configuration, not right and left. When using other systems, the mismatch of the stereo headphone’s right to left, combined with a top to bottom speaker configuration in the chair, causes a stressful neurological reaction within the frequency processing centers of the brain. With our system, we match the right and left configuration of the chair with the headphones, creating a new level of synchronicity for neural processing and balancing of the brain/body interface.

We have over 90 soundtracks distributed world-wide, all designed specifically to play through our patented sound tables. We designed these sound tables around these soundtracks. A sound chair or sound table is only as good as the sounds that play through it. Only by using headphones with our Patented Binaural Phase Modulation Brainwave entrainment system, is it possible to fully induce hemisphere synchronicity within the brain synced with the body. Our extensive catalog of music is designed specifically for this very purpose and are mixed specially for our sound delivery systems. Using our right and left split “Headphones for the Body” design, combined with our Patented Binaural Phase Modulated music, we are inducing the same right and left synchronicity that the brainstem neurons use to process vibration sense in the body. This allows us to synchronize the right and left hemispheres of the brain as well as the vibration sense neurons in the brainstem together to a new level of neural integration.

The best sound chair in the world is only as good as the sound playing through it.

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