Autumn Lab Intensive 2022 Banner

Welcome to our Level 1 training program! Here, you will establish a true foundation for becoming a certified Bio-Tuning practitioner. This course is an introduction to the basics of brainwave entrainment for the use of sound to balance stress.

This is an inclusive internship and mentorship program, designed to put you through the Bio-Tuning process and become a part of the movement. You’ll receive 5-days of training in the basics of sound therapy, participate in a Q&A with Dr. Thompson, and receive lectures from our team at our facility in Carlsbad, CA. You’ll learn about case studies, specific conditions, and walk home with your own individualized soundtrack made using your captured fundamental frequency.

Experience the healing first hand with an using our Brainwave Entrainment techniques. You’ll learn about the Bio-Tuning process and how to apply our Sound Chair and Table in your professional practice, or for personal home use.

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