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Because not just any player will do! The perfect solution that allows you to take Dr. Thompson’s therapeutic sounds wherever you go. Dr. Thompson has created a special mix of art, science, and nature engineered to provide a wide range of benefits which can only be delivered through the use of the FLAC lossless audio file formatting. This player allows you to play Dr. Thompson’s audio works without losing any of the range of frequency impulses inherit to their purpose.

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Easily upload your scientific sounds purchases. When you buy any of our music products (at same time as your audio player purchase) we will load your purchase onto your player before we ship your products. Player includes: 8 GB of memory storage, rechargeable battery lasting 25 hours, USB cable and listening ear buds.

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Bio-Tuning® Automated System
Bio-Tuning® is a Holistic, Tri-body, Healing Modality...
...“Healing the Body * Heart * Mind and Spirit through the Scientific Application of Sound”



The automated Bio-Tuning System gives you the ability to find the Fundament Frequency of an individual, create custom binaural beats, prepare the person to monitor his/her ANS, compose the Session’s Custom Program tuned to that individual, play the composition. Then fine tune the program if necessary as you monitor the RT-HRV program, record the program and then create a digital file for a wav player or CD(compact disk).

Dr. Thompson has taken his proven Bio-Tuning technology from the restrictions of the laboratory and clinical environment and created a laptop –easy to use automated solution.

Whether your planning to be a Holistic Neuroacoustic Practitioner or Therapist, enrich a current practice or personal use the Bio-Tuning System provides amazing benefits and opportunities for healing.



Plus it fits in a single carry bag so you can take It anywhere!

We have successfully taken a whole therapy room full of equipment (keyboard, two computers running four programs, two digital players, one digital recorder and a multi-track mixing board) and compressed it into a laptop with an automated program! (See photos below).


2018 Bio-Tuning Course Schedule

Bio-Tuning® Course*
May 24-25
(Thursday and Friday)
following Holistic Practitioner Certification Course

Bio-Tuning® Course*
October 21-22
(Sunday and Tuesday)
following Holistic Practitioner Certification Course

This Schedule may need to be updated from time-to-time as necessary, so please confirm dates before making flight or lodging reservations.

Bio-Tuning Information Center

  • Bio-Tuning Program and Course
  • Directions & Lodging
  • Holistic Practitioner Certification Course
  • FAQs
  • Loan Possibiity - Advantage Plus
  • Loan Possibility Nat'l Financing
  • Vibroacoustic Tables and Chairs
  • Schedule for HPCC and Bio-Tuning Courses

*Requirements for Receiving Your Bio-Tuning Program for Training Course

*To have your Bio-Tuning® Program available for you when you come for a Bio-Tuning® Course / Workshop, please confirm with payment a minimum of 3 weeks before the start of the HPCC / Bio-Tuning Courses or a minimum of 3 weeks before a special scheduled Bio-Tuning Course as follows:

*The Bio-Tuning® Courses following the HPCC as scheduled above are free when you purchase a Bio-Tuning Program before the HPCC and participate in the current or a previous HPCC or have the equivalent knowledge of the Course.  Special Arrangement for a 2-day (12 hours) Bio-Tuning Course may be arranged for you at other times as follows: 


inclusive of lunch

2 or 3 Individuals
$525/day each
inclusive of lunch

4 or More Individuals
$300/day each
inclusive of lunch


Biotuningsystem4.29.2017 800PX

Automated Bio-Tuning  System
System includes

  • Automated Bio-Tuning System & Realtime Heart Rate Verability Brainwave software application
    (One year license and 2 months free customer support)
  • Comprehensive Bio-Tuning System user manual
  • Quick Guide patient session and software cheat sheet guides
  • Laptop computer
  • Electrodes
  • Antiseptic wipes
  • All required interface cables
  •  100 rewrite able CD/DVD with jewel cases –with CD cover insert template for individualizing session CDs and practice branding 

Bio-Tuning System 2 Days of Training (optional)
Conducted by Dr. Jeffrey Thompson at The Center of Neuroacoustic Research offices in Carlsbad, California.

For more information about the Automated Bio-Tuning System and training contact us,

Call 1-760-931-5333 or email:

Product Description

Bio-Tuning Automated System

With the Bio-Tuning Automated System, you will be able to find the Fundament Frequency of an individual, create custom binaural beats, prepare the person to monitor his/her ANS, compose the Session’s Custom Program tuned to that individual, play the composition, fine tune the program if necessary as you monitor the RT-HRV program, record the program and then create a digital file for a wav player or place the Program on a compact disk as desired. You will be able to create a minimum of 21 brainwave states and accompanying custom programs.


"Bio-Tuning not only changed my life, it saved my life. I regained hope. It was a wonderful experience. I love & use my CDs." 


"Finding Dr. Thompson was a life-changing experience. His technique with sound is relaxing, pleasant, positive and very beneficial. He has healed a range of pain, both physical and emotional, for me. 

Charlotte P., CA

"With Bio-Tuning my energy increased… I danced for hours…It’s really terrific, it’s been so powerful. My memory is much sharper, chronic back and neck pain gone. I feel fabulous."


"My voice CD has been my security blanket…It provides peace, tranquility, and harmony. I can’t thank you enough."


"Even on my first visit, hope re-entered my life. My experience was and remains one of the most profound of my life -- such a feeling of unity -- with nature, creation, myself, with Spirit. Words cannot express my gratitude. Thank you, God & Dr. Thompson."


Please allow 4-6 weeks for shipment, although orders are shipped as rapidly as possible. Shipping is FOB, Packed, Pt of Origin. Prices are subject to change without notice. Prices at time of order confirmation and receipt of deposit will apply.

Because we believe so strongly in the efficacy of these systems, if a payment plan is needed, we are happy to assist.

For more information
Call 1-760-931-5333 or email us at:

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