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Sleep Enhancement

Healthy Sounds for Healthy Sleep

Dr. Jeffrey Thompson
Dr. Jeffrey Thompson is world-renown for his brainwave entrainment, his pioneering efforts and life dedication to the healing of the Global Body of the Universe and the individuals who comprise this total system. His contributions in the field of sound used scientifically are truly amazing. Among his most life-saving contributions undoubtedly would be in the field of stress reduction and sleep.
No Small Gift
Sleep is a survival necessity. As such, sleep has ranked high in Dr. Thompson’s research priorities and efforts. Most gratitude comes from those now able to sleep, with many affirmations of having “saved” his/her life or given a life back to him/her. Giving an individual an opportunity to achieve natural, rejuvenating sleep, the
foundational requirement for not only bare survival, but also for good physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health as well, is no small gift.
In this category, as in all CNR’s Audio Program categories, there are choices. People have individual preferences, and this is honored. In this category, all programs stress the brainwave state of Delta, though the musical compositions differ. This gives you the buyer a choice. The sounds and music in the soundscapes
gently coax one’s brainwaves into a Delta range, the deepest and most rejuvenating state of sleep.
New or Undecided
If new to Dr. Thompson's work, new to brainwave entrainment, or simply undecided sleep enhancement is beautifully addressed by the Delta Sleep Solution (Book and CD) and the Delta Sleep System.
How to Use
  1. Prepare yourself for bed in a routine created by you and special for you.
  2. Place your speakers on either side of your bed. If you do not have speakers that can be separated, place your audio player at the foot of your bed. Headphones are not recommended for sleep.
  3. Tuck yourself into bed with your audio player turned on. If you have difficulty staying asleep, placing your audio player in a repeat mode on low volume will enable the Sleep Program to assist you in changing the habit of waking during the night without disrupting the normal sleep cycle.
  4. Let your mind follow the music in an open, receptive manner, without preconceived notions or expectations. As the music flows over and around you, you will gently drift into a Delta brainwave state and be sound asleep before you know it. For some, repeated use may be necessary.
  5. Wake up in the morning, refreshed and ready for your day. The Delta Sleep System is a great composition and will easily assist you in receiving restorative and rejuvenating rest.
Dr. Thompson has researched his brainwave entrainment recordings with thousands of patients and volunteers. His Delta Sleep System CD Set was researched at the Royal Ottawa Hospital Sleep Disorders Center in Ottawa, Canada, and found to be 95% effective with pathological sleep disorders and chronic insomnia. His Adult
Sound Therapy Unit was tested in a USA sleep center with all attesting to its effectiveness in changing how they were now able to sleep, how they felt better physically and emotionally, were able to work and function better in every way. This Unit and the Child Sound Unit, sold nationally in the USA primarily by Brookstone and internationally by OSIM stores, are also available here in Sound Store. They are true testimonials to his work as well. All accomplish what is intended – restorative, rejuvenating, re-energizing sleep. They are safe for all ages.
Comments of Others
“Thank you for saving my life. I bought your Delta Sleep System a week ago and have slept every night since. I can’t believe it. This is a whole new experience for me. I have not slept well for years. Because of my extreme fatigue, I have fallen asleep at the wheel of my car several times, with expensive consequences. I felt I
would not survive a crash at some point, but I have to drive. That fear seems unfounded now as I feel like a new person – I can sleep! Thank you and tell everyone to use your work – We would be a much happier and healthier nation. Thank you, thank you, Dr. Thompson – I really believe you have saved my life.”
Deborah S
“I just wanted Dr. Thompson to know how much his Delta 1 cd has helped me!!!!! I have Fibromyalgia and have been using his cd for 2.5 months and I haven't felt this good in years. Of course I still get regular adjustments, exercise and massage but good sleep was the missing piece. More people who have Fibro should
know about these cds. Please feel free to contact me if you want to ask me questions. I have had Fibro forabout 9 years and have tried so many things and this is just awesome!!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”
Lydia W, FL



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