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Healing the Body, Heart, Mind and Spirit with Sound

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Hi-Tech Tools
Dr. Jeffrey Thompson uses hi-tech tools to entrain brainwave states for meditation, perhaps the best use of today’s technology. Research has shown that even twenty (20) minutes a day in a quiet meditative state of consciousness enhances a person physically, emotionally and mentally. Persons who do meditate on a daily basis know the benefits they personally receive, and few are willing to deprive themselves of this special time, even when distractions seem to call them elsewhere.

Brainwave States
Research has shown different states of consciousness to be associated with different brainwave patterns. Studies here at the Center for Neuroacoustic Research have shown clear and repeated evidence that there are brainwave states lower than Delta and higher than Beta associated with ecstatic states of consciousness. Dr. Jeffrey D. Thompson first discovered and named the lowest state “Epsilon” in 1996. Those higher than Beta have been named Gamma and Higher Gamma or HyperGamma. Dr. Thompson and his students named the highest brain state known “Lambda” in 2001. Each of these brainwave states is associated with extraordinary functions of the brain. They are Ecstatic States of Consciousness. Brainwaves forming a distinct pattern, called the Awakened Mind Pattern, have been observed in studies of deeply meditating yogi. C. Maxwell Cade, a British researcher and Zen master, documented this well. This
state is an extraordinary state of consciousness, also. Dr. Thompson, precisely transcribed this Awakened Mind Pattern into multi-layered acoustic frequencies. With this ability, he offers us several audio programs with this brain pattern, each with its own and different musical composition. Each helps one to enter a high
and ecstatic state of consciousness quite quickly, maximizing meditative efforts, and thus enriching lives in so many ways.
All meditative audio programs are available on compact disks (CDs) or as lossless downloads.
If undecided and/or new to meditation, beginning with Psycho-Sensory Integration #5, Celestial Dolphin and the Theta Meditation System work well in that order. Each program is available in CD form or as a lossless download. We hope you join us in what is truly Scientific Hi-Tech Meditation, attaining states of consciousness which may otherwise take many years to achieve or never be attained for any significant period of time.
What others say...
"Unlike much of the competition in the "meditation/chillout/relaxation" field, this (Dr. Thompson’s) music manages to be ethereal, complex, and interesting all at the same time. It's meticulously recorded and free of the twee and irritating "angelic" trappings that make so much of this genre so schmaltzy and unlistenable. In fact, it stands on its own as music for its own sake, although it also accomplishes its stated purpose (relaxation, meditation) quite well too. One can even put it on in the background and not be labeled a SNAG (sensitive New Age guy), and that's a rare thing."
"njorgens3"- MI
"I love the Epsilon, the Lambda, and what can I say about the Sri Yantra, the Sonic Labyrinth, and the Awakened Mind System? They are awesome! With them, I have been blessed with some very deep meditations and insights. I now know, in some small way, what is meant by the Joy or Bliss of Meditation.
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!" 
JK -- NC







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